10 Mother Daughter Trips with a Cannabis Twist


Top Destinations for Mother-Daughter Duos to Bond over Bud

Remember when you were a little girl and your mom was your best friend? But then you got older, and it wasn’t always easy to find time to spend together (cue that sad Harry Chapin song)? What better excuse do you have for a girls’ trip than to rekindle your bond with your mother? These 10 mother daughter trips will have you trading secrets and sharing clothing items like the Gilmore Girls.

The best part? All of these trips are also 420-friendly. So, if you’re a mother-daughter duo who happens to share cannabis in common (in addition to your great taste in girls’ trips), vape away ladies. This is where intergenerational bonding gets lit.

mother daughter trips #1 sonoma

Mother Daughter Trip #1:

Truth bomb? When my mom and I get together, the only thing we can be sure of is that the wine will flow. If you’re anything like me and Babs, wine country will be right up your alley. You can hire a car to drive you to different vineyards, or you could save some cash by taking a tour of wine country.

There are even wine and cannabis tours that will take you to both wineries and grow sites.

Cannabis Legal Status in California:

100 percent legal, so pair your wine and weed, and smoke away.

Mother Daughter Trip #2:

Spa weekends are a great way for mothers and daughters to bond — with plenty of scheduled alone time for when you need a break from each other. The spa at the Hotel Del Coronado is consistently rated one of the best spas in the area, and the hotel is known for its waterfront views and high-end dining.

Feel free to buy some edibles once you’re plane hits the tarmac in Cali. The state has some of the most relaxed cannabis laws in the country. Just don’t assume that your hotel will be cool with you smoking cannabis, as some hotels have banned it from their properties.

Cannabis Legal Status in California:

100 percent legal, so snack away on the edibles.

mother daughter trips #3

Mother Daughter Trip #3:

Nothing screams ‘girls trip’ quite like a visit to the Women’s History Museum in Alexandria (that city adjacent to Washington, D.C.). No matter whether you wore a pink hat in the women’s march or if you’ve got a full-blown lady crush on Gertrude Stein, you and your mom can bond over the progress of the women’s movement and pay homage to the ladies who paved the way to equal rights.

Cannabis Legal Status in Washington, D.C.:

It’s complicated. While it’s legal to gift and grow up to one plant here, it’s not legal to purchase without a medical marijuana card. So, make a few friends before heading to the museum.

mother daughter trips #4 - Denver Colorado

Mother Daughter Trip #4:

Denver’s scenic mountain backdrop makes for the perfect place for a rustic-chic mother daughter trip. In the mountain high country, find trails of all levels to get outside together. Back in the Mile High City, hit Larimer Square for a little shopping before drinking some vino while taking in the RiNo street art or noshing your way through a sushi and joint rolling class. All while sharing a little green goddess.

Cannabis Legal Status in Colorado:

100 percent legal, so sharpen those joint-rolling skills and smoke away.

mother daughter trips #5

Mother Daughter Trip #5:

California’s Route 1 is one of the most scenic drives in the country. Depending on how much time you want to spend with Mom, you could make your way from wine country all the way down to San Diego (or even Tijuana if you’re into that).

Some great places to stop along the way? Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea are two seaside towns with plenty of charm. Big Sur is a great place to stop for lunch — especially if you or your mom are a fan of “Big Little Lies.” San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara are also picturesque and full of shopping, vineyards and waterfront dining.

Cannabis Legal Status in California:

100 percent legal, so dig your toes in the sand and smoke away.

mother daughter trips #6 - gardens in canada

Mother Daughter Trip #6:

Victoria’s Butchart Gardens is one of the most scenic and colorful botanical gardens in the world — the perfect spot to head after hitting your vape pen, amirite?

You could spend the better part of a day here, exploring the Italian, Japanese, rose and sunken gardens. If you’ve got extra time, you could head to one of the six other gardens that give Victoria the nickname, “City of Gardens.”

You can bet your bottom dollar you’ll work up an appetite with all that cannabis-fueled exploration. You might just want to book an afternoon tea at the famous Empress Hotel to cure your munchies.

Cannabis Legal Status in British Columbia:

100 percent legal, so stop to smell the flowers and smoke away.

mother daughter trips #6

Mother Daughter Trip #7:

If you and your mom are in love with the idea of nature (maybe more than nature itself), then glamping is probably a better option for you than camping. Joshua Tree has some of the most scenic hiking in the nation. It’s also become a hub for both artists and foodies.

The glamping options here are pretty varied. You can sleep in a luxury platform tent, yurt, teepee or Airstream trailer. Should all the nature get a little too much for you, the luxe spas and hotels of Palm Springs are only a short drive away.

Cannabis Legal Status in California:

100 percent legal, so soak up the desert sun and smoke away.

mother daughter trips #8 - shopping in NYC

Mother Daughter Trip #8:

New York City has so much to see and do that it’s hard not to include it in this list. Between the amazing food, world-famous museums and (of course) the shopping, this city was practically birthed for a mother daughter trip. Some of the best shopping in the city can be found in SoHo, 5th Avenue and Brookfield Place.

Cannabis Legal Status in New York:

NYC is going through some “changes.” It’s not legal there yet, but we have it on pretty good authority that the Big Apple might be on that bud bandwagon by the time you book your hotel.

mother daughter trips #9

Mother Daughter Trip #9:

If you’re the type of family who can’t get enough of nature, head to Whidbey Island. Between the beaches, hiking trails and quaint cobblestone streets, you’ll have no problem making your daily step goals here. There’s also plenty of accommodations all over the island, including farmhouses, yurts and beachfront cottages.

Cannabis Legal Status in Washington:

100 percent legal, so find your waterfront Adirondack chairs and smoke away.

Mother Daughter Trip #10:

One of the easiest (and most exciting) ways to visit Alaska is by cruise. Some of the most scenic parts of Alaska are only accessible by boat or plane. Most cruises to Alaska leave from Seattle, Vancouver or Victoria, so you can bookend your cruise with one of the Washington or British Columbia trips on this list.

Cannabis Legal Status in Alaska:

It’s legal to purchase and consume cannabis in Alaska, but not in public — and you definitely can’t take it with you on the cruise ship. Take a cannabis tour while you’re in Juneau if you want to be safe.

mother daughter trips

Not every mother-daughter pair is lucky enough to live in a part of the country where cannabis is available legally. And not every mother-daughter duo is at a place in their relationship where they both find benefits in cannabis and are open about using it together.

And that’s okay.

On the bright side, some of North America’s most prized destinations for mother daughter trips also happen to offer legal cannabis exploration as an amenity. Vacations are a good moment for “firsts” that become family traditions.