1st Massachusetts farmers moving toward approval to grow marijuana outdoors


So far, all the marijuana sold in Massachusetts’ legal market has been grown indoors. But that could change.

The Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday approved the first two provisional licenses for companies that plan to grow marijuana outdoors in the Berkshires. The licenses went to Theory Wellness and BCWC, both medical marijuana companies that are also growing indoors.

Brandon Pollock, CEO of Theory Wellness, said the company is partnering with Sheffield farmer Ted Dobson to start a pilot program to test whether marijuana can grow outdoors in Massachusetts.

“Part of the legislative mandate is to have farmers participate. Until now, no farmers have,” Pollock said. “We’re hoping to help everyone in that respect and show that it can be done.”

Pollock notes that this would be the first time marijuana would be grown outdoors to supply the legal cannabis market on the East Coast. “We hope to have the first outdoor farm up and running in a matter of months,” he said. [Read more at Mass Live]


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