2020 Presidential Candidate Cory Booker Voices Support for Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey


New Jersey Senator – and 2020 presidential candidate – Cory Booker (D) is throwing his support behind a bill to legalize cannabis in his home state.

It’s no secret that Booker is perhaps the biggest supporter of federal cannabis reform in the US Senate right now. Having filed several bills that would repeal marijuana prohibition at the federal level, he has also made cannabis legalization a central part of his own presidential platform. So it should come as no surprise that he has decided to voice his support for legalization in New Jersey. In a statement released Friday, Booker called New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) plan to legalize marijuana a huge win for social justice.

“All too often, communities of color and low-income individuals are unjustly impacted by our broken drug policies, but by including measures to expunge records and reinvest in the communities most impacted, our state has the opportunity to lead in prioritizing social justice,” Booker said. “With this bill, New Jersey legislators can send a strong message to the country that marijuana legalization and social justice must be inextricably linked.”

Booker’s support for the bill comes just days before the measure is set to be voted on in both houses of the state legislature. If passed the bill would allow for adults aged 21 and over to legally purchase and consume cannabis in New Jersey. The bill would also set up a process for the expungement of low level cannabis convictions. The bill is to be voted on by both the Assembly and Senate on March 25.

h/t: The Hill


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