42,000 can buy medical marijuana in Ohio; about half have done so


More than 42,000 people can legally buy medical marijuana in Ohio with a doctor’s recommendation, but only about half of them have, state records show.

When asked why they haven’t bought any medicinal cannabis, patients cited a common reason: cost.

Marijuana is approved to treat 21 conditions in Ohio, including post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. The drug was first approved for medical use in the state in 2016, but the first dispensary didn’t open until March. Patients who want to use cannabis to treat those conditions acknowledged that prices have fallen, but said expense was still by far the biggest barrier.

Mary Alleger of Reynoldsburg, who received a marijuana recommendation to treat chronic pain, said she researched prices on social media sites for medicinal cannabis users.

“The lowest price I saw for (a daily supply) was $28, and it took awhile before I saw anything for less than $29,” she said. “That is not sustainable.”

Those who have bought marijuana reported paying through the nose for it.

“It costs me over $1,000 a month to buy cannabis,” said Anthony Cordle of the Far West Side, who refers to himself as a “high tolerance user.”

Cordle uses cannabis to treat PTSD, and says he no longer experiences nightmares now that he’s a regular user. [Read more at Akron Beacon Journal]