5 Best Cannabis Tours For An Epic Holidays


You have never had a holiday until you have experienced a cannabis tour. Not a real one, anyway. Think wine or cheese tours, just with the finest quality marijuana instead. These pot-tasting trips incorporate a myriad of exciting and educational activities for stoners everywhere. In fact, so popular are cannabis tours that they are now the main attraction for millions of tourists visiting the United States these days.

Weed-friendly tours are the latest craze in the tourism industry. A tour guide takes you behind the scenes to grow houses, production sites, and dispensaries, smoking cannabis all the while to your heart’s content. Since driving under the influence is a no-no, you get a chauffeur to drive you and other like-minded folks around, while you all get to hotbox the tour bus with a variety of potent strains.

Pot tours include refreshments, smoking accessories, exciting classes, and activities, and even discounted prices on buds, edibles, and concentrate, making it the only time to stock up on the pot you will need for your entire stay. You can even find ganja-friendly hotels or economy lodgings to maximize your cannabis holiday. However, just one tip: Although unlikely, do not smoke so much that you forget your trip.

You do not have to do the guided seed to sale tours if you do not want to. There are many other activities on offer too, some more affordable than others. You can go walking, bussing, partying, or chilling. There are even full-day packages where you experience a real variety, or you can book a multiple day package to enjoy all the activities and events that these companies have to offer.

Where Can I Take a 420 Tour?

The term 420 has become iconic in cannabis culture, particularly in the United States, but fast spreading throughout the world. Its exact origins are unknown, but many believe it came from a group of high school stoners back in the 1970s. Four-twenty, meant to suggest it is time for a joint at 4:20 pm and to take a day off to get high on April 20 each year, has become a movement all its own.

In the United States, the popular 420 tours are a network of companies specializing in cannabis tourism in states that allow its use recreationally. As more and more states legalize adult use, the 420 network will grow to include them in its tourist locations. Currently, you can visit Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, D.C., Nevada, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

These 420-partnered companies offer tourists and Americans alike the vacation of a lifetime. From art activities, weed growing classes, and even cooking sessions to scenic trips and educational tours, all of them encourage the use of cannabis among their pot-minded guests. You will meet new people, make lifelong friends, learn new skills, and discover the side of cities most tourists never, ever get to see.

Cannabis Tours was one of the first companies to offer legal, weed-friendly tours in the United States, and it certainly goes out of its way to ensure your experience is unmatched. With its humble beginnings in Denver, Colorado, the company still offers stoner tours there, but it has spread its wings to include tours in all of the other 420-friendly destinations too.

You can join the company in California, where it runs tours from Los Angeles, Sacramento, and the San Francisco Bay area, or you can meet up with it in Boston, Massachusetts. You can also find it operating in Washington, D.C., or in Portland, Alaska, Seattle, Las Vegas, and even in Nevada. Cannabis Tours can pick you up from the airport, take you to a dispensary first, and then on to your hotel to freshen up.

The company also offers stoner painting classes, as well as cooking and pottery activities. It hosts events on occasion, and it can book a pot-friendly hotel or private residence for you to stay. Whatever you decide to do with Cannabis Tours, there will be plenty of bongs and joints passed around, as well as friendly staff to help you along the way. You can even rent a vaporizer for the duration of your trip.

puff paint cannabis tour

Self-styled“the first ever cannabis-friendly, all-inclusive art class,” Puff Pass and Paint offers popular tours, as well as painting and cooking classes for stoners wanting a creative experience. Prices include all materials, such as paint, canvasses, and cooking ingredients. It encourages the use of cannabis in all of its activities, whether buds, edibles, vaporizers, and everything in between.

It is not about creating the perfect masterpiece, the company says. Instead, it wants you to experience a relaxed, weed-friendly atmosphere in utmost comfort, surrounded by open-minded people, while freely expressing your innermost artistic desires. Cooking classes are all about making cannabis-infused foods. You can learn the latest culinary techniques for hosting your own pot-friendly dinner parties back home.

Puff Pass and Paint offers group sessions, which it limits to 20 people for easier puffing and passing. It also offers private sessions for up to 20 friends and family, either at home or at the location of your choice. Its affiliates can book pot-friendly accommodations for you, rent out vaporizers, offer weed-infused massages, host flameworking and pipe making classes, and shuttle you to and from the airport.

cannabis my 420 tours

My 420 Tours is the very first company to offer cannabis tours in the country. Located in Colorado, My 420 Tours has been on TV, in documentaries, and featured in well over 1,000 news stories across the world. Without a doubt, this is the most famous of them all, and it offers just about any activity you can think of, even if you never thought you would ever think of it.

If you need weed-friendly accommodations, this company will organize it for you. It will shuttle you to and from the airport, stopping at a dispensary on the way in. It offers stoned walking tours, wine tours, beer tours, graffiti tours, grow site tours, sushi and joint rolling classes, cannabis massages, marijuana concentrate classes, and so, so much more. It also offers all-inclusive vacations and private tours.

You even get a complimentary vaporizer for your trips with the company. You can smoke, eat, or drink weed on its buses and at any time during your tour, but cigarettes only outside in designated areas. This company is the host of renowned World Cannabis Week, held during the week of April 20 each year, which includes ganja-friendly concerts, special events, parties, and other exciting activities.

Boasting itself the top-rated and top-reviewed pot tourism company around, Colorado Cannabis Tours will not disappoint. It famously hosted Hamilton Morris, from HBO Vice’s long-running drug hunting series, and it shared a bong live on TV with CNN’s Randy Kaye on New Year’s Eve. Although based in Denver, Colorado, the company is one of the very few to offer stoner tours nationwide.

Colorado Cannabis Tours can take you on a “behind the scenes” look at the legal pot industry. You can tour grow houses, attend glass blowing classes, and even puff and pass joints around art classes. You can experience Las Vegas like no other, tour California, see the fun side of Portland, check Boston out, and even walk glazed around Washington D.C., all on the finest weed the United States has to offer.

Regardless of where you meet up with Colorado Cannabis Tours, it can book you into a marijuana-friendly hotel, take you to local dispensaries, pick you up from the airport and return you on time, provide you with vaporizers and dab rigs, teach you how to grow your own, and even turn you into a master cannabis chef. If there is a particular activity you have in mind, just chat with the company.

city sessions 420

City Sessions promises to show you the side of Denver few ever get to see. It’s “Mile High” experience is simply unforgettable, even on the most potent weed. It has expert guides that can introduce you to Denver’s craft cannabis scene and take you on boutique bus tours, private trips, and exclusive forages into the area’s famous weed industry. All are suitable for newbies and ganja connoisseurs alike.

You can tour grow houses, speak to industry insiders, learn everything there is to know about the medical properties of marijuana, explore concentrates, attend parties, relax at retreats, ride into the mountains or to Red Rocks, go sightseeing, and rent vaporizers to maximize the experience. You can choose from single activities to full-day packages or even enjoy everything on offer over several days.

City Sessions Denver can fetch you from the airport and stop at a dispensary on the way to your weed-friendly lodgings, which it can even book for you. It can teach you to cook with ganja and show you the city’s cannabis social scene. The company focuses not only on having fun, but on promoting weed education too. When you cannot smoke anymore, it will take you to the airport to catch your flight home.

5 Best Cannabis Tours For An Epic Holidays

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