8 in 10 marijuana users combine cannabis and exercise, CU study finds


A large majority of marijuana users say they use the drug before or after exercising and those who partake get more exercise than those who don’t, according to new research from the University of Colorado.

Researchers at CU Boulder surveyed 600 adult marijuana users in five states where the drug has been legalized for recreational use — California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington — and asked them if they have used the drug within an hour before exercising or four hours afterward.

Eighty-two percent of respondents said they had. A follow-up question found they were more likely to partake after exercise but 67 percent said they used the drug both before and after exercising.

Among those who used cannabis before or after workouts, 78 percent said the drug helped with their recovery from exercise, 70 percent said it increased their enjoyment and 52 percent said it helped keep them motivated to work out, the study’s authors said. Thirty-eight percent of respondents said marijuana boosted their performance.

Additionally, people who said they combined pot and exercise worked out for 43 more minutes per week than those who didn’t. [Read more at The Denver Channel]


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