Are you planning to take a psychedelic + cannabis? You can contribute to research investigating the effects of cannabis on the psychedelic experience and psychological outcomes


The Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London in collaboration with Psychedelic Survey, have launched a set of large-scale online survey studies on the effects of psychedelic drugs.

The Imperial team hopes to advance our understanding of the effects of psychedelics, and so help maximise safety, awareness, and wellness. Moreover, one of the aims of these surveys is to help us understand how the use of other drugs (including cannabis) affect the psychedelic experience and subsequent psychological outcomes.

All surveys are anonymous, reaching out to people who intend to take a psychedelic drug in the near future. Learn more or sign up for one of ours surveys at

Watch best selling author Michael Pollan introduce the Psychedelic Surveys here,

Thanks a lot for your support and positive energy 🙂

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