Aurora Cannabis Is on Pace for 780,000 Kilos a Year, With 1 Million a Real Possibility


At the moment, there’s simply no industry growing faster, or garnering more attention from Wall Street and investors, than marijuana. Following the legalization of recreational weed in Canada, and now having over 40 countries worldwide with some sort of medical cannabis legalization in place, the sky appears to be the limit for pot and marijuana stocks.

Because the opportunity is so huge, we’ve been witnessing an escalating capacity “war” among Canadian growers since the beginning of 2018. Pretty much every time Yours Truly has churned out a list of the peak production capacity of the top 10 or 11 growers in Canada (i.e., any grower with at least 100,000 kilos of peak annual production capacity), it’s become obsolete because of a newly announced project, an acquisition, or an expansion, within a matter of days, or weeks if I’m lucky.

Aurora Cannabis increases production at its largest grow farm by more than 50%

Last week, my newest published production list once again became outdated, thanks to Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB). Aurora is projected to be Canada’s leading cannabis producer when operating at full capacity, and no other growers are particularly close to its production potential — especially after its latest announcement. [Read more at The Motley Fool]


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