Aurora Cannabis Lays Off Employees Due to Great North Distributors Deal


Aurora Cannabis Inc. recently partnered with Great North Distributors Inc. as the company’s sales representative team for the Canadian recreational cannabis market. In turn, the company laid off its existing sales staff.

“We have informed the internal sales team of our agreement with Great North Distributors, and in some cases that resulted in immediate impact whereas other employees will remain with the organization for a set time,” an Aurora Cannabis spokesperson detailed in an email statement.

Just last month, Aurora Cannabis had laid off 214 workers at their Edmonton, Alberta location in Canada—cutting the branch out as their chief greenhouse location.

 “The company will leverage Great North’s people resources, sales capability training, operational efficiency and data and analytics,” a spokesperson writes. “Aurora remains laser focused on advancing the market position of its family of brands in the fast-moving consumer sales and retail landscape.”

Great North Distributors has become Canada’s first national sales broker for recreational cannabis, according to an Aurora Cannabis representative. The company’s hope is that the merger will further the company’s success in sales and rankings in both the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange.

Unfortunately, the move is going to displace many people that are already struggling through the economic pressure of COVID-19. Due to a recent set of lockdowns, the Bank of Canada has predicted that the Canadian economy is going to take a “serious setback.”

Luckily, there is some hope for Canadians. According to a statement made by the bank: “Beyond the near term, the outlook for Canada is now stronger and more secure than in the October projection, thanks to earlier-than-expected availability of the vaccines and significant ongoing policy stimulus.”

There are predictions for overall growth throughout this year. The difficulty is that these laid employees are entering an already crippled economy that further restrictions are continuously ravaging. Until the virus is put under control, all industries are going to be extremely limited in their ability to grow and hire new employees.


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