Banana Cheesecake, A Grow Report – By Norstargenetics


She develops nice purple and metallic pinks along with bright canary yellows on her foliage. Her vivid display of colors during the later half of flowering is truly a sight to behold, a true cannabis rainbow for the heart and soul.

Flavor, smell and effect is what this strain is all about which range from butterscotch, banana whiskey, spiced banana crème brulee to straight up rotten bananas. Her unique old school traits will be noticed and cherished by more experienced patients but will still grab the attention of the less experienced as well.

Banana Cheesecake is certainly sweet but totally unlike the popular sweet strains of today that feature berry, candy, citrus or flowers at the forefront. This one will bring back those old school flavors and aromas of buttery brown sugar and caramel that were popular long ago. If you are a fan of the sweet spectrum of cannabis don’t miss this one as it will be a nice break from the norm while still satisfying your sweet tooth.

An excellent yielder as well making her viable to both the commercial and connoisseur grower or patient. She does not disappoint in this department whatsoever. The Organic Mechanic ran her through the gauntlet and she passed with flying colors. Whether you use High Intensity Discharge, Light Emitting Diodes, T-5’s or the good old-fashioned sun as your lighting source you’ll be happy with how much medicine she provides for you. Strong Indica influence with just the right amount of sativa in her bud structure and calyx formation

Classic Indica effect of the highest order that is sure to please. Absolutely zero paranoia associated with this one, just positive good vibes! Keeper material in every pheno. Banana Cheesecake is currently available as the companion pack to Norstar Genetics Bogota Breeze which is from their Regular Menu Items.

Really easy strain to grow no matter what your style or level of experience is. From start to finish she is easy to care for, not demanding and can tolerate quite a bit of stress along the way. I’ve put this one through the gauntlet and she passed every test. She will thrive under any light source you can throw at her while still rewarding you with abundant amounts of quality medicine. All photos here were plants grown under Kessil H1200 LED grow lights. Keeper material throughout.

Very scrog and LST friendly. I recommend you top seedlings early on at the sixth internode, remove the cotyledons and then remove the first two nodes leaving only four. From this you can easily attain a symmetrical bush with very little training involved. Her structure is squat and bushy and her stretch factor is .75x-1.0x so those with lower ceilings or those that vertical farm using shelving racks should love her. She is friendly in terms of yield and can be above average to heavy in that department.

Goldilocks zone internode spacing being not close together and not too far apart. She delivers nice and tight, spear shaped colas the size of 18oz. water bottles that when dried and cured become very solid and firm. No matter the pheno she is quite the stinker and will fill the room with a stank, dirty, butt crack odor early on during flowering. It sounds weird but I absolutely love the smell! Odor filtration on this one is a necessity.

Her odor will cling to your person whether you were just in the bloom room or recently medicating. At around two weeks of bloom when I go in there, even just to check on stuff, when I come out my wife makes me shower and change clothes or I can’t go near her. The clinging smell is so strong and smells of rank butt crack so much that she almost gets sick from it. You know what they say, “A happy wife is a happy life.”

Trellising her would be ideal but she will be fine with just some stakes as well. Her metabolism really slows the last two weeks of bloom so make sure to lighten up her food more than usual as she finishes. She has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks depending on pheno and lighting type used. The use of LED’s during flowering really reduces the overall flowering time by at least a week. They do with most strains but this one really responds. The only thing to watch for is that about 5-6 weeks into flowering she becomes a little sensitive to bright and intense lighting so plan to raise your lights 3-6 inches around then or start them a little sooner than you normally would.

I encountered four phenos all with the same growth patterns, bud structure and calyx formation. All very heavily Indica influenced with only one having a bit more Sativa in its bud structure and calyx formation. They basically just have different terpene profiles and flavors. The effect is almost identical across the board between phenos. Be prepared for buttery brown sugar and dark caramel goodness come taste time!

This was hands down my favorite part and I’m sure it will be yours as well! First I’ll cover her unique old school aroma and taste. After that I’ll get into her effects so you can know what to expect there. Her effects are identical across the phenos.

Pheno “A” smells like pure rotten banana fruit. You get those overripe banana terps paired with that rank white cheddar with slight butt crack odor. Together they create an overwhelming rotten banna fruit smell, I really love this one! The smoke from this one smells very similar to the flowers in both profile and pungency. It tastes like creamy ripe banana with salty, nutty and skunky overtones that leaves your mouth coated in a funky sour banana.

Pheno “B” smells like banana peels and whiskey. Equally strong banana met with whiskey that contains notes of vanilla, oak barrel, oily leather and tobacco. Another one I’m especially fond of that taste like shots of hot buttered rum. Strong notes of buttery banana, caramelized brown sugar and dark rum with hints of warm cinnamon and nutmeg.

Pheno “C” smells just like butterscotch, like pure butterscotch. You get buttery brown sugar, burnt caramel and creamy vanilla head on like it has just been jammed up your nose. This one tastes exactly the same as it smells!

Pheno “D” will give you a strong banana spiced cologne aroma. You can smell spices and honeyed banana but it has a nose tickling fume like quality to similar to a strong cologne. When you taste it you’ll get spiced notes of clove and cinnamon at the forefront with a creamy honeyed banana and burnt caramel finish. Each pheno will coat your mouth with a sour banana funk for hours.

Extremely smooth inhale on this one. A puff from this would be comparable to a swing from a finely aged 15-year old scotch whiskey. Her effect is very smooth and similar as well. It has a very classic and old school Indica effect that is different from the heavy, sedative and couchlock Indicas of today.

This one has a nice body buzz combined with a slight head buzz that creates a nice mellow overall effect. It hits you like a warm wave washing your body and mind of any unwanted aches, pains or feelings. You’ll be left with a warm and calming sensation throughout your body.

Definitely a “kind bud” one of those strains that promote joy, peace and good will towards others. Zero paranoia associated with its effects make it excellent for beginners, daytime use or those who don’t like the psychoactive or psychedelic strains. When consumed in smaller doses like 3 or 4 puffs from a bowl it leaves you very active with absolutely zero couchlock qualities.

It won’t make you forget what you’re doing and you will be able to remain focused and on task while still receiving the benefits of an Indica dominant variety.It’s great to use before or during work, for social activities or entertaining friends or family. It doesn’t slow you down and has an upbeat positive vibe so it’s good for treating mild depression as well.

In more moderate to heavy doses such as 2-3 bowls in 45 minutes or less it will have a certain foggy and wandering quality to it. One where your body can feel groggy or heavy while your mind is easily distracted and unfocused.

THE STRAIN: Banana Cheesecake

BREEDER: NorStar Genetics

THE PARENTS: UK Cheese (f) x Banana OG (m)

INDICA/SATIVA: 65-70% Indica and 30-35% Sativa


FLOWERING TIME: 8-9 Weeks or 56-63 Days

YIELD: Above Average to Heavy

SUITABLE FOR: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse



SMELL/TASTE: Banana Whiskey, Butterscotch, Shots of Hot Buttered Rum, Spiced Banana Crème Brulee, Rotten Banana Fruit, Dirty Butt Crack

MEDICINAL APPLICATIONS: Mild Anti-Depressant, Gastrointestinal Issues, Mild Joint and Muscular Pain, Inflammation, Good Mind and Muscle Relaxer, Good for Fibromyalgia while Still Allowing the Patient to be Coherent and/or Active, Calming Strain with Zero Paranoia

Written and Published By Norstargenetics In Weed World Magazine Issue 135


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