Discrete Mini Vaporizer Red Metal 4-Piece Grander Large Bamboo Pollen Sifter Box


  • Test Results: 73.97% THC | 0.01% CBD
  • Tested By: Arizona Analytical | arizonanalytical.com
  • Facebook: @phoenixcannaco
  • Instagram: @phoenixcannabisco
  • Twitter: @phxcannabisco
  • Website: phoenixcannabisco.com

Blueberry Kush Uterpia Vape by Phoenix Cannabis Co.

I feel like a baller pulling out my gold-plated Blueberry Kush Uterpia Vape from Phoenix Cannabis Co., powered by Nature’s Medicines. The Blueberry x OG Kush mixture of live resin, pure distillate and natural terpenes glistens in the light. With rising anticipation, I push the button and take a deep pull. Elegant, earthy vapor pours into my lungs as brilliant, natural flavors of fruity blueberry explode in my mouth. Mesmerized, I can feel the pen’s potency vibrate through my body before I even exhale the juicy plume.

I am swept away by the second rip, consumed in an awesome terpene utopia. Pain becomes a foreign concept as blissful sensations of full-spectrum euphoria spread through my body like ripples on a pond. Worry waves a solemn goodbye as I am lifted upward — despite being glued to the couch! Hours go by, and I’m still swimming in a sea of sweet relief that experienced consumers will appreciate.

Available At…

  1. Nature’s Medicines Dispensary – Phoenix: 2439 W McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85009
  2. Nature’s Medicines Dispensary – Fountain Hills: 16913 E Enterprise Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
  3. Territory Dispensary: 7200 W Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85226


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Ultra Premium CBD Oil / THC FREE / 100% Organic / USA Grown - Visit SwellCBD.com

Ultra Premium CBD Oil / THC FREE / 100% Organic / USA Grown - Visit SwellCBD.com