Cannabis Products For Different Kind Of Moods


With the legalization of cannabis, the marijuana industry is gaining quite a reputation. In the past, marijuana had a bad stigma and was often being referred to as ‘devil’s lettuce’ representing Bob Marley’s pop culture. While the past reflects cannabis poorly, recent times are starting to change marijuana’s situation. The demand for cannabis has been increasing each day in various states, especially California.

Businesses Explore The Scope Of Marijuana’s Mood Altering Ability

Prior to the legalization wave of cannabis, trading or dealing in marijuana was considered a criminal offense. Due to no definite regulations surrounding cannabis, there was no quality control either. Consumers could easily get exploited. But, with cannabis gaining legal status, consumer awareness has increased. This has increased because sellers are telling them exactly what they were buying and the effect of the quantity bought by them. The pre-conceived stereotypical notion of marijuana consumption making one a ‘high’ stoner has been overturned. Even people with the most affluent of educational backgrounds now consume marijuana.

Cannabis, if taken in the right quantity, can help reduce stress and relax the body without altering the mind. Businesses have cleverly recognized the wide acceptance of cannabis among the public and have tapped into the opportunity categorizing ‘moods’ as new ways of cannabis consumption.

Cannabis Helps Reduce Anxiety

The “social mood” helps introverts celebrate freely in large parties and gatherings. Cannabis helps reduce anxiety giving one a sense of confidence and making one feel comfortable enough among crowds. However, the quantity should be just enough so they do not get too high. Micro-dosing is the solution. Micro-dosing is consumption of a small quantity of cannabis that does not hamper one’s ability to do everyday activities. For instance, in a social get together, the right combination of Sativa brings out the creativeness with minimal depression and Indica provides metal peace.

While the idea that cannabis can help someone improve their focus is not popular, it is true.  Certain cannabis strains can help increase productivity by increasing motivation, energy levels and enhance focus on details.  Cannabis micro-dosing can help in achieving precise focus enhancement. The key is slow consumption and continuous monitoring of its effect on someone’s focus and various other functions. For example, a dosage of pure Sativa can help enhance one’s learning capacity and reduce anxiety by releasing serotonin in the brain.

Last, but not least, is the mood of relaxation. Cannabis has been in the spotlight for its relaxing capacity. Certain strains could make one drowsy, giving them a better chance of sleeping. This can help greatly in replenishing drained motivation and energy, increasing one’s capacity to work, keeping one perky, and improving the quality of one’s life. THC, for example, helps one relax their mind lulling the body to a peaceful slumber. Indica helps relax someone’s muscles as well as one’s mind.

These moods could become the basis adopted for product differentiation in the future. Businesses look forward to successfully providing efficient micro-dosing abilities and thus satisfying consumers with customized and personalized moods.


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