Cannabis tech’s fight to be accepted at CES


Sex tech is allowed at CES this year for the first time. Is cannabis tech next?

A 15-year veteran in enterprise technology, Phil Wilkins has epilepsy and uses cannabis medicinally to ease his seizures — but he also has three children. Alongside a business partner, he created a solution: Keep. 

On the outside, Keep looks like a charming little smart alarm clock. But it’s all deception. Keep is a safe, subtle way to store cannabis. It was effective and well-designed to the point where it scored an official nod as an Honoree for the 2020 CES Innovation Award.

Yet Keep Labs, the company that makes Keep, is nowhere to be found in any of the sprawling show floors that make up CES in Las Vegas. The reason? CTA, the organization behind both CES and the CES Innovation Award, barred Keep Labs from using the word “cannabis” on its booth or on any marketing materials — in spite of marijuana being legal to buy in Nevada. 

So Keep Labs said no.

“We are a cannabis storage device, we are not a generic storage device,” Keep Labs co-founder said to CNET in a phone interview. As I spoke to Wilkins from my hotel room I could see a warehouse-sized weed dispensary from my window. [Read More @ CNET]