Celebrate 710 With These Concentrates in Washington

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The Evergreen State has some of the best cannabis around. Extract those beautiful flowers into liquid gold and you’ve got a recipe for a delicious and delightful 710 holiday.

From potent THCA diamonds for dabbing to flavorful cartridges with push-button ease, there’s a number of great options no matter how you enjoy your oil. Check out these four concentrate products heating up the state of Washington for OIL Day this year!

jar with cannabis concentrate
(Courtesy of Oleum)

Celebrate 710 with Oleum Extracts’ Rocks & Sauce. Beautiful diamond THCA formations are soaked in their native terpene sauce to create a dab with powerful effects and robust flavors. Choose from a variety of strain-specific flavors like Blueberry Cookies and Lemon OG. Oleum’s Rocks & Sauce are stunning, saucy, and sure to take your 710 to new heights.

Ionic Purple Punch cannabis oil Cartridge
(Courtesy of IONIC)

If you are looking for a delicious cartridge that you’ll come back to time and time again, look no further than IONIC’s Purple Punch Cartridge. The fruity flavor and relaxing vibes of perennial favorite Purple Punch are distilled into a cartridge you’ll reach for every time.

vape cartridge
(Courtesy of TOP SHELF)

The Granddaddy Purple Cartridge from TOP SHELF makes celebrating 710 smooth and easy just like the relaxing GDP vapor. Screw the cartridge on to a standard 510-threaded battery and you’ll be ready for a few puffs of the golden translucent oil to sweep you away into restful euphoria with its sweet grape and berry flavors.

cannabis concentrates
(Courtesy of Khush Kush)

The Grape Toffee Live Resin Budder from Khush Kush is a creamy, delightful way to dab your way through the 710 holiday. A relaxing hybrid that’s great to share day or night, it brings a delicious palette of flavors. The gooey, greasy consistency makes it easy to scoop big globs and dose out a dab that’s just right.


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