Create: Stimulating Ultra-Premium Oil Cartridge



  • Test Results: 57.82% THC | 1.64% CBD
  • Tested By: CannaSafe Analytics |
  • Instagram: @canndescent
  • Twitter: @CANNDESCENT
  • Website:

Create Ultra-Premium Oil Cartridge by Canndescent

Although not labeled a sativa, Canndescent’s Create oil cartridge left me feeling energetic. As the name implies, Create promises a stimulating experience ideal for creative expression. Whether you’re writing, making music or studying, it keeps you focused and productive. I felt the effect but remained levelheaded enough to work, with sudden surges of creativity.

During my first pull, I tasted notes of coffee, vanilla and citrus. Create is just one of the five oil cartridges in Canndescent’s Stylus line, alongside its siblings Calm, Cruise, Connect and Charge. No matter the intended effect, Canndescent pride themselves on all-organic concentrates with no artificial terpenes or additives.

Create Ultra-Premium Oil Cartridge by Canndescent

Available At…

  1. Stone Age Farmacy: 621 W Rosecrans Ave #101, Gardena, CA 90248
  2. Green Cross of Torrance: 1658 W Carson St., Torrance, CA 90501
  3. Delta-9 T.H.C.: 824 E Anaheim St., Wilmington, CA 90744


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