Did the Grinch Get lit?: A Serious Analysis


The Grinch is a permanent fixture of the festive season. The story of a green monster who learned to love giving presents after he stole them all and found that it didn’t upset people as much as he hoped it would. This is, somehow, a super-relatable story.

Benedict Cumberbatch reprised the role as The Grinch in 2018

Benedict Cumberbatch reprised the role as The Grinch in 2018

At first glance, the Grinch and our favorite herb have a lot in common: they’re green, they smell, and they’re kept somewhere dark and out of the way. Are these similarities accidental, or did the grinch take on these qualities by consuming massive amounts of herb? In this piece I intend to delve into some deep Grinch lore and find out, did the Grinch get lit?

1 His House

The Grinch lives in isolation in a dark, messy cave that overlooks Whoville. He has been driven to the edge of society because of his hatred of Christmas. Or so we’re told. Whoville seems like a conservative society that despises any non-conformity. From this we can comfortably extrapolate that cannabis is prohibited in Whoville.
With this in mind, it stands to reason that anyone who wants to enjoy cannabis will be compelled to do so far from the judgmental gaze of Whovian society. They’d have to go somewhere remote and private. Somewhere like the Grinch’s cliff-top purgatory.

2 His Attitude

The Grinch is withdrawn, cantankerous, and paranoid. Anyone who has imbibed herb with the wrong mindset will be familiar with these feelings. Some high THC strains of cannabis can evoke feelings of paranoia. The chances of this are GREATLY increased if the user is isolated and ostracised. We’re social animals and need acceptance to thrive (yes, the Grinch isn’t strictly speaking human, but he seems to have a similar need for community and acceptance).
The Grinch, isolated from Whovian society has found himself increasingly paranoid and miserable, a feeling that is sadly being exacerbated by his herb use. Too much of a good thing can be harmful, after all.

3 His Plan

The Grinch’s scheme: stealing all the presents with a flying, rocket-powered sled, is clearly poorly thought out, but it does have a certain internal logic. The sort of logic that can only be cooked up by a baked mind. We’ve all done something like this, whether we try to combine food stuffs that have no business being together, or tie our shoes before we put them on because its easier, the herb-infused mind has a strange sequence of logic.

Was The Grinch lit when he devised his dastardly Christmas scheme? You be the judge.

Was The Grinch lit when he devised his dastardly Christmas scheme? You be the judge.

Also, he tied a branch to his dog’s head to make him look like a reindeer. What manner of person would do that with a clear head?

4 His Sudden Change of Heart

The Grinch makes a heel-face turn practically out of nowhere. When he sees that the Whos don’t need material possessions to be happy he has a radical change (and expansion) of heart. This is the sort of sudden and extreme epiphany only seen in the THC filled mind of a herb fan.

5 Conclusion

Whether the Grinch enjoys herb or not is still up for debate, but I feel that I’ve made a compelling argument here. So next time you watch the Grinch, look closely, engage your critical faculties, and try to solve this mystery once and for all.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our festive piece as we delved into the mind of The Grinch. From all of us at Leaf Science we wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday. 


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