Does Smoking Weed Affect How Your Body Smells?


With the legalization of cannabis in California, increasingly in other states too, folks are discovering their love for smoking it. For many, it is a rediscovery. For most, searching “weed delivery near me” before a movie night is the new normal. Folks definitely need it to spring clean their homes, or to work out every second night, or to relax after a long workday or even just to get some shuteye. Anytime, really. 

However, this newfound adoration for cannabis brings with it some other discoveries too, such as how it affects you, what uncontrollable “munchies” feel like, couchlock, and even how it makes you smell like weed after. No, we are not talking about lingering smoke clinging to your hair, skin, and clothes. A fact that, but no. We are talking about your actual body odor. Smoking makes your sweat smell like weed.  

Weed and Your Body Odor

Come now: Confess. You normally reek of bleu cheese after your gym sessions, perhaps a damp sock even. However, after smoking cannabis like an enthusiast, you will notice an odor that is neither bleu cheese nor rancid sock. Nope. You are likely to catch distinct wafts of weed, and pungent nodes at that. Fortunately, science has an answer for this phenomenon. It entirely proves your stink “cannaodor.”

In fact, just like eating garlic and onions, or drinking alcohol all night, smoking weed has a significant effect on body odor. Your sweat is not quite the culprit of your stench, though, a huge and common misconception. Sweat actually has no smell. It is odorless. What causes your stink is actually the gazillions of microorganisms that live in and on your skin. They are what produce your specific smell. 

Called collectively your skin microbiome, these microorganisms are too small for the naked eye ever to see. They literally eat your sweat, feed on it, the byproduct of which is your odor. Because your skin microbiome is sensitive to the liquids, foods, and substances you consume, hungry for them, it makes sense that cannabis would affect your skin, and ultimately your body odor, in a similar fashion. 

What the Science Says

Julie Horvath, an evolutionary genomics expert, and professor at North Carolina Central University, “We know the things you eat and ingest certainly affect the way your sweat smells. If you smoke weed or ingest it in some other way, it exudes from your body in many different ways, including through your pores. I would presume then that weed would impact your microbes, and therefore, the way you smell.” 

Previous studies show that an observable effect on a person’s body odor and microbiome just from walking through a room filled with smoke. According to the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, one can actually use a person’s body odor to detect their consumption of cannabis. Your sweat would also fail a drug test. It would give you away without hesitation, especially when you smell like a weed too.

While further studies are underway, some scientists posit that the smell of weed gets especially strong the more one exercises. It is particularly noticeable among those who work out regularly. Justin Fischedick, a biochemistry researcher at Washington State University, explains how this actually works: The theory is that cannabinoids are all fat-soluble. They store in fat cells and excrete during exercise. 

Regardless if folks are single or settled in a cozy relationship, the weed you use matters. Think of how it can make you smell. The better the quality of the bud, the better you would smell. Surely. The more pungent a nug, the danker your body odor. Of course, that is pure speculation, but if one thinks of weed as a deodorizer, it might be wise to invest in the most attractive scent: Your partner’s favorite bud.

Fortunately, marijuana delivery is available to please your mate. A simple Google search for “weed delivery near me” will give you hundreds of options. However, not all are legal. Not all have licenses. As such, not all are accountable once you pay up. Use a trusted marijuana delivery service to smoke yourself a new scent. To hide the smell, use plenty of fabric softener, deodorant, or perhaps smoke less.


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