Does Yoda Vape? A Guide to How Each Star Wars MVP Consumes Weed


May the Fourth be with you, young padawans! To commemorate the unofficially official Star Wars holiday of May 4, we asked ourselves: How would our fave Star Wars characters prefer to get lit?

Although marijuana doesn’t make any explicit appearances in the Star Wars universe, some of its heroes and villains enjoy kicking back by smoking something called “Death Sticks.” Death Sticks are rolled-up herbal cigarettes known for causing mild hallucinations. Sound familiar? 

Regardless, let’s take this question deep into a galaxy of wild speculation far, far away….

Chewbacca: Cannabis Snus

Did you know that George Lucas came up with the name for Chewbacca’s race, the Wookies, while stoned AF with one of his crew members? That’s the story, anyway. And given Chewie’s gnarly canines, he’d probably best get his weed through a cannabis chew. (Also, RIP Peter Mayhew, the man that played Chewbacca, who passed away earlier this week. May the Force forever be with you, homie.)