Dope as Yola: From Slanging Packs to Launching the Dopest New Weed Brand


Dope as Yola is your favorite pot smoker’s favorite pot smoker. Hell, he may even be your favorite pot smoker’s favorite pot smoker’s favorite pot smoker. Tier three, dear readers. I don’t say this lightly. The 29-year-old “weedfluencer,” video maker, and cannabis culture arbiter is regarded as a walking, talking, toking authority on all things dank and green. 

If you could smoke a 40-gram joint in one sitting, maybe you would be considered one, too. 

Whether he’s documenting the latest consumption tech on his YouTube platform, hamming it up with Tommy Chong in a series called “Story Time,” or releasing THC-friendly clothes through his Push Trees brand, Dope as Yola has carved a particular niche within the cannabis space. Unlike the typical activist or entrepreneur, this pot personality focuses on entertainment first and foremost. Just peep his edition of our series “Consumption Report,” and you’ll get a puff of his weed-laced wit.


Rather, Yola and his creative partner, Jordan Kinley — former VICELAND creative director, as well as OG MERRY JANE fam — document the fun aspects of weed: Getting as high as humanly possible with the most next-level movers and shakers from the West Coast’s pot scene. And this approach clearly works. Since launching the YouTube channel in January, the duo has racked up nearly 400,000 subscribers, and millions of views to boot. 

In effect, Yola embodies the entertainment industry mantra that it’s better to have 1,000 true fans than 100,000 fake ones. Except Yola actually has 100,000 loyal followers, and they unswervingly trust his taste and expertise when it comes to anything related to the sweet leaf. He’s got the budtenders, grey market hustlers, and extract experts singing his praises, but also translates to parents and amateur tokers. In other words, Yola can speak to both the heads and neophytes without sacrificing a nug of authenticity.