Elon Musk Gets Schooled on CBD by Joe Rogan


On episode #1609 of The Joe Rogan Experience, which initially aired last week on February 11, Joe Rogan expertly corrected Elon Musk when the billionaire suggested that the effects of CBD are all hype. The two dived into the subject of cannabis on the show before, most notably a few years ago.

In a now-infamous stunt back in September 2018, Rogan convinced Musk to smoke a blunt on live air, which caused a worldwide controversy. Many claimed it violated Tesla workplace safety standards, and was a slap in the face of Tesla workers who are subject to mandatory pre-employment drug tests for drugs including THC. Investors reacted, causing Tesla shares to plummet. It even spawned NASA to launch a workplace culture and safety review of both Boeing and SpaceX

Marijuana Moment reports that the two are tackling the world of cannabis again, in an especially revealing conversation. Rogan is known for challenging people about their views on cannabis.

“CBD doesn’t do anything. Does it?” Musk asked irreverently. “I think that’s fake.” Musk most likely was referring to the plethora of CBD brands, ranging in quality, many of which used to claim that they could cure illness, up until the US Food & Drug Administration started to intervene. In addition, CBD causes no psychotropic effects like THC, so it may not seem immediately effective.

“Well, no—no, it definitely does something for inflammation,” Rogan retorted, not allowing Musk to write off the medical effects of CBD. Rogan didn’t get into the details of how CBD can be a miracle for children with intractable epilepsy, or the other applications that are currently being explored.

Then Musk asked about the dosage of CBD that it takes to work. “Yeah, physically, you don’t have to have a lot,” Rogan said. “Physically, CBD works great for people with arthritis and people with sore muscles and things like that. Yeah, no, CBD definitely works for that, but as far as like psychoactive effects, not much. It relieves anxiety for people.”

Beyond the ways Rogan has pointed out that CBD can be used in recovery in the world of sports such as MMA, Rogan then went into the ways CBD can be helpful for insomnia, and combined with melatonin. Hopefully Rogan’s powers of persuasion work, and Musk has gained a better understanding of CBD.

Listen to the whole episode below on Spotify.


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