Florida lawmakers move to cap THC in smokable medical marijuana


The level of THC would be capped in medical marijuana for smoking, and it would be harder for sick children to get full-strength medical pot, under a House proposal slated for its first vetting Wednesday.

The legislation, proposed by House Health & Human Services Chairman Ray Rodrigues, also would set limits on the potency of medical marijuana in edibles and fast-track the state health department’s rule making for medical pot.

While the House bill would set what many consider a low cap of 10 percent on the level of THC in whole-flower products for smoking, the daily amount of THC that would be permitted in edible products — 7,000 mg for a 35-day supply, or 200 mg per day — is much higher than what most patients would consume, according to industry experts.

Critics blasted the House proposal as an attempt to essentially gut the Legislature’s recent repeal of a ban on smokable medical marijuana. Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed for the repeal, which he quickly signed into law two weeks ago.

Ben Pollara, the campaign manager of a political committee that led efforts to pass the 2016 constitutional amendment, called the House’s latest approach ironic. [Read more at Orlando Sentinel]