Google of Cannabis by Che Capri


A weed product for the mass market O.penVAPE is as consumer friendly, in looks and function and safety, as a cannabis product is likely to get. “Quality is one of our core values,” says Chris, “in everything we do – from the raw material that we source to the laboratory equipment we use to refine (the cannabis oil). We take our corporate responsibility very seriously too, from sustainability (the company’s packaging is produced using wind power) to safety standards and legal responsibilities. We are more conservative than some companies in the industry and we always comply to the letter of the law.”

The company presently has operations in Colorado, California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine, with production, extraction facilities (run by their affiliate Organa Labs) and distribution networks in each state. This is significant. States that have voted to legalize cannabis, in medical or recreational form, are doing so in breach of the 1970 Controlled Substances Act which is written into Federal law. For now, the Federal government is respecting their rights to set the new legalization laws, however it means O.penVAPE cannot transport products across state borders.


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