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LOCOMOTION is a line created by Odie Diesel of Home Grown Natural Wonders – a division of TGA Genetics. I’ve always loved trying out new lines from TGA: with every new creation comes a plethora of new flavors and experiences to tantalize the senses and the Locomotion is no exception.

The Locomotion was created by taking Odie’s Blue City Diesel and crossing it with TGA’s Timewreck. I had a feeling in my bones that said this mating was going to make for some interesting terpene profiles and I couldn’t wait to get planting. I dropped the seeds in some damp paper towel (because I love seeing the tap roots expose themselves) then I dropped them into some moistened Jiffy Pellets. From there I potted them up in 4” plant pots for 3-4 weeks and vegged them under 24” T5’s, topping once. After the 3-4 weeks I re-potted them once more to their final resting place in 3 gal pots of Supersoil. Here they could veg for 4-6 weeks depending on how vigorous they were.

I found the Locomotion was an easy line to grow and didn’t require a heavy feed schedule. The majority of the plants were mostly Indica dominant but you may come across the odd one that has a little more Trainwreck structure with longer branching and a fluffier flower. Best suited to topping 2 or 3 times to form a nice bush with increased weight, otherwise it’s an excellent strain for a sea of green.

Once it was placed in the bloom room on a 12/12 schedule it didn’t take too long for the flowers to start forming and by the 2nd or 3rd week the resin was starting to express itself. The stretch phase was only 2x but, then again, I like to keep my room temps within 7-10 degrees in the 1st couple of weeks of fruiting which helps in reducing a lot of the stretch. As time moves on the flowers started taking shape and became stickier and really pungent. Make sure your air filtration is up to par cause you’re going to need it with this line.

As I get near the last 2 weeks of budding I’ll shut my heater off to let the temperatures drop and the fall colors express themselves. Finishing these plants off was a real treat to watch. I had a wide range of fall colors ranging from burgundies, yellows and golden browns and rusts to purples and even blacks.

What do you get when you combine the diesel fumes from the Blue City Diesel with Sour Fruits from Timewreck? Well, you end up with a very strong odorous line that’s a very powerful medicine. If you want to grow this line I’d highly suggest you make sure your odor filtration is up to par. Mostly Indica dominant with the odd plant leaning a little more 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid.

PHENOTYPES: The dominant structure is Indica producing tight, branching, large single rock-hard cola’s dripping in sticky resin.

HEIGHT: Average

YIELD: Excellent

Recommended for both Indoor and Outdoor enthusiasts.

BEST WAY TO GROW: Top early and at least a couple of times to produce a few main cola’s and allow for some extra veg time.

HARVEST: 55-65 days

SAT/IND: 30/70

HYBRID: Blue City Diesel x Timewreck

HIGH TYPE: Locomotion has a heavy-but-dreamy head high with body tones to sooth those aching pains of the day away. But be wary, a little too much inhalation will leave you on the slow train.

TASTE/AROMA: What a combination this line is: with putrid Skunky diesels, sour rotten fruits and over ripe pineapples, Locomotion tastes just like it smells – leaving your mouth coated in sour rotting Pineapple and fruits which is amplified x10 with the diesel influence.


Originally published in Weed World Magazine issue 116


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