Hammer Head OG: A Creative, Appetite-Inducing Experience


Hammer Head OG by Legion of Bloom X Ridgetop Botanicals

I smoked a bowl of Hammer Head OG and suddenly had the appetite of a shark — so I snacked! Easygoing feelings followed my feeding frenzy, and my body felt relaxed and sedated, letting the current guide my next move. An indica-dominant strain derived from White Rhino and Medicine Man, HHOG’s olive green bud smells like a genuine OG; an intoxicating, pine-scented profile sweetened by notes of honey.

Upon consumption, HHOG glazes my palate with fruit and earth. Although the strain is relaxing, its hybrid balance sharpens the mind, sparking sensational creativity. Legion of Bloom partners with Ridgetop Botanicals — who grow sustainable cannabis on their off-grid farm — to present HHOG as part of their Legion Grown line.

Hammer Head OG by Legion of Bloom X Ridgetop Botanicals

Available At…

  1. Barbary Coast: 952 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103
  2. Safe Accessible Solutions: 8125 36thAve., Sacramento, CA 95824
  3. Zenganic Delivery: zenganic.us, (925) 421-5894


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