Hemp Bed Sheets Sales Spike at Aldi


Ahead of Aldi’s upcoming Special Buys sale, the chain released an eco-friendly range of hemp products. The German discount supermarket has grown to become known for selling earth-conscious and health-conscious product lines.

Beginning on Wednesday, October 14, Aldi is selling 100 percent hemp sheet sets as part of its Special Buys sale. The hemp sheet sets actually appear on the first page of Aldi’s latest product catalog.

Queen-size sheet sets go for $139.99 and King-size sheet sets go for $149.99. Buyers can choose between four color options: forest green, blue, sand and rust. The sheet sets come with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with a 40cm wall and two pillowcases.

On social media, the announcement attracted many comments. “Hemp is a really great fabric and similar to bamboo,” one potential buyer commented on Facebook. “It’s often thermal, so it’ll keep you warm on cold nights and cool on warm nights. I was thinking of getting some new sheets, thanks for the heads up!” 

Many commenters, however, worried about the texture of the bed sheets. Some asked if the sheets are more coarse than cotton sheets or other materials. But the bed sheets are enzyme washed for a soft, relaxed look, according to Aldi’s catalog, and will only get softer with each wash at home, they claim.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp products are popping up just about everywhere. As far as bedding goes, companies make all kinds of claims, such as CBD-infused bed sheets, or CBD Technofiber™ sheets.

Aldi also offers an assortment of other hemp-derived products. A hemp face oil that helps soothe and calm distressed skin (30ml for $6.99) or a hydrating lip balm (15g for $3.99) and a moisturising hand cream (100ml for $3.99) can be purchased. In addition, there are hemp sneakers, hemp snacks, and even hemp-infused kombucha drinks for sale. Pet products containing hemp extracts are also available.


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