Hemp operation ongoing; Navaho Nation files motion to enforce court order


Dineh Benally is continuing his hemp operation and the Navajo Nation is fed up.

Even after the Shiprock District Court granted a motion for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against Benally, his workers and others from illegally growing, producing, transporting, licensing and selling industrial hemp within the Navajo Nation, his operations have noticeably continued.

The Navajo Nation has filed an amended motion to enforce the court’s Sept. 18 TRO and preliminary injunction. Navajo Nation Police Officer Kyle Simms, who is assigned to Shiprock area, stated in an affidavit obtained by the Navajo Times that, following the TRO and preliminary injunction, he and other officers contacted each hemp/cannabis farmer and notified them of the orders and that they would have to stop operation.

“In providing these notices, we encountered many locked gates,” stated Simms, “which obstructed our ability to observe if hemp/cannabis operations were continuing.”

Simms stated they have been denied access from Benally’s security who have told Simms they need directions from “their boss” before they can give access to the hemp farms. From previous encounters with security, Simms stated he understands the boss to be Benally.

Hemp plants hang upside down to dry in a hoop house on one of Dineh Benally’s farms. [Read More @ Navaho Times]


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