So last night my husband had bought a drink with a 100MG of thc in it. Me thinking nothing of it thought he would do what any normal human being would do who doesn’t have a high tolerance to thc and drink like no more then 40mg. No this mf drinks the whole freaking thing and before doing so I warned him it wasn’t going to be a fun experience and the next day (that being today) he wasn’t going to be able to do any of the fun things we had planned because he was either going to feel like shit or still be higher than a kite.

Lol Well fast forward to today he’s still beyond out of it and keeps asking me why I didn’t stop him from drinking all 100mg and I’m like I TRIED you told me I was full of it. Anyway this mf is all butt hurt now I don’t wanna go do our day full of planned activities when he can’t even get 10 times 10 right. Like dragging ur high ass around plus a baby’s to all these different places does not sound like I fun time to me. It’s hard enough with just the baby lol smh.

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