Is Aurora Cannabis the Titanic of Marijuana Stocks?


Comparing any stock to a ship probably isn’t the best analogy. However, I couldn’t help thinking of the Titanic after seeing some of the headlines over the last couple of months about Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB)

For example, in December one analyst declared a one-year price target for Aurora of… $0. That’s not a typo. GLG Research’s Gordon Johnson predicted that the stock could be worth nothing in the not-too-distant future.

Then other analysts came out earlier this month with price targets that would have Aurora Cannabis losing close to half of its market cap. Keep in mind that Aurora already plunged 56% last year. And if that’s not enough, there are serious concerns that the company won’t be able to meet its debt covenants. 

Investors couldn’t be blamed if they have a sinking feeling. But is Aurora Cannabis really the Titanic of marijuana stocks?

The iceberg cometh?

We can sum up the main knocks against Aurora Cannabis in three brief points:

  1. The company remains unprofitable with no profits in sight.
  2. It has a boatload of debt.
  3. It’s running out of cash and will have to dilute shares further to stay afloat.

All of these statements are demonstrably true.

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