JoyGum: The World’s First Cannabis-Infused Chewing Gum!



  • Test Results: 10mg THC per serving | 100mg THC per pouch
  • Tested By: Agricor Laboratories |
  • Instagram: @chewjoygum
  • Website:

The concept of JoyGum began when a chewing gum formulator and his cannabis activist wife were on vacation in Amsterdam. A decade after this “aha” moment, they finalized the recipe for the very first cannabis-infused chewing gum, made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients and zero calories! Each piece of JoyGum contains 10mg of THC and quickly absorbs through the lining in your mouth, delivering fast results — you’ll only wait about 10 minutes until you start feeling the effects. JoyGum comes in two delicious flavors: Lemon Mint and Watermelon Spearmint, each available in discreet and convenient child-safe pouches ideal for low-key, on-the-go consumption.

JoyGum - Colorado

Available At…

  1. Ascend Cannabis Co – Denver: 3555 S Yosemite St., Denver, CO 80237
  2. The Golden Leaf: 1755 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
  3. The Pig ‘N’ Whistle: 4801 W Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80204


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