Kamala Harris Outlines Cannabis Decriminalization Plan Amid Election Day


During a last minute interview one day before in-person voters go to the ballot box on November 3, Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris reiterated the Democratic ticket’s stance on cannabis decriminalization and criminal justice reform in general, for any undecided voters who may still be out there.

By 2019, Former Vice President Joe Biden had pledged support for cannabis decriminalization. Biden and Harris announced their official plan to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level during an ABC Town Hall in September.

Despite his history, which includes being instrumental in key pieces of legislation that upheld the War on Drugs, Biden’s policy on cannabis changed dramatically, as evident in several speeches in support of dismantling drug war laws that put people in prison for cannabis.

“…If Joe and I are elected, we will continue to work towards those ideals in the White House by rooting out the systemic racism that still exists throughout our criminal justice system,” Harris told Baller Alert. “Joe and I are committed to doing the work. That means ending cash bail, private prisons, and mandatory minimums. It means decriminalizing the use of marijuana, expunging convictions, and making sure no one is put behind bars just because they’ve used drugs. It means banning chokeholds and carotid holds, establishing a national use-of-force standard, putting in place a national police oversight commission that holds cities accountable, and so much more.”

Harris went on to add that systemic racism can be found at all levels of the criminal justice system—and that the problem extends well beyond cannabis.

“Our country has been experiencing a long overdue reckoning on racial injustice,” Harris added. And if we’re serious about advancing justice and equality for all, we not only need to root out the systemic racism that still exists in our courtrooms, prisons, neighborhoods and throughout our criminal justice system, we also need to deal with the structural racism that affects every aspect of our lives.”

Harris and Biden are currently finishing up their last-minute tour of battleground state Pennsylvania, as voters begin to line up at ballot box locations.


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