Karat Cake: The New Gold Standard



  • Test Results: 18.89% THC | .03% CBD
  • Tested By: Ace Analytical Laboratory | confidentcannabis.com
  • Website: trykecompanies.com

Karat Cake by Tryke Companies

Most hybrids lean toward either an indica mellow or sativa buzz, but Tryke Companies’ Karat Cake balances the two for a high all its own. The offspring of popular strains Wedding Cake and Gelato, its firm buds have a golden tint, a Christmas tree shape and a sweet, subtle citrus scent.

Karat Cake embodies the best characteristics of its parent strains, offering body relaxation with an upbeat, active head high that will still allow you to take care of business. I found it equally effective as a wake-and-bake and all-day smoke. If you can only keep one flower in your stash box, Karat Cake is a solid choice!

Available At….

Available exclusively at all Reef Dispensaries


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