Laura Ingraham of Fox News pushing Anti-Marijuana Campaign Propaganda – “There is no medical peer reviewed that demonstrates a medical benefit to Pot”


As a fan of Fox News, as a Voter of Trump, this really pissed me off.

Absolutely unbelievable.

They're claiming that Cannabis causes people to go into Psychosis and then crime…

Where do they get this information from?

Is there even one case when someone consumed ONLY Cannabis, not other drugs like Cocaine or Alcohol, and then did crime?

Are they talking specifically about Schizophrenics whom we already know shouldn't be consuming Cannabis?

They're claiming, that Cannabis will break you're reality so hard that you'll start doing crime…

Then finishing off stating that there are only a very few cases where it is helpful.

In the last 1000 years has there ever been a recorded case ever, of someone who didn't have schizophrenia, going through Psychosis?

I'm enraged. Both her and Tucker Carlson really need to either shut the fuck up with their Reefer Madness or back up their "claims" with actual Numbers and Figures…

Funny how they can so easily debate a Leftist with numbers and figures, and that actually works, but when it comes to Cannabis, they can't present any data to back up their claims.

It sounds like they're literally just piling on every single negative effect of Cannabis that they can find, one on top of another, for reasons I can't identify.

They then go on to demonize someone that may profit from the Cannabis industry, when they themselves are also paid to push an anti-cannabis agenda.

I've never felt so blatantly lied to before by this News Network…

Maybe I'm new to that.

Fox News Video: Skip to 38:37 for the Segment on Cannabis

(And Please don't forget to comment in the youtube video as well! We need to fight the stigma!)

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