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When I first started experimenting with cannabis cooking, there weren’t a lot of great resources online. That’s actually one of the reasons I started Life Above the Clouds exactly one year ago. Now, I’ve compiled the best tips and tricks that I’ve learned in a whole year of cannabis cooking (experimentation) videos. I definitely wish I’d known these when I started!

Everything you need to know about cooking with cannabis

These 9 tips and tricks will help you make successful cannabis recipes at home, every single time.

  • You can make any recipe cannabis infused by substituting one of the ingredients with a cannabis infusion. Butter, coconut oil, and olive oil are easy choices, but you can also use infused milk, sugar, or honey.

  • The potency is different every time you make a new infusion (even if you use the same ratio of ingredients!), so I always try a ¼ teaspoon to see how it affects me and adjust my recipes from there.

  • I always make my recipes on the milder side because you can always eat more. And who only wants to eat a bite of a cookie anyway? I’d rather have two.

  • I like to store my cannabis butter or oil in the freezer, so I use an ice cube tray to pre-measure ½ tablespoon portions. Then I can easily thaw out exactly what I need.

  • Always bring your cannabis butter to room temperature so it will mix evenly with the rest of your ingredients. I usually melt it when my recipe allows.

  • Make sure to mix extremely well to make sure that all of your servings are the same dosage.

  • Melt your coconut oil. This goes for both regular and cannabis infused. Since coconut oil stays solid at room temperature, it won’t mix into your recipe well. I like to melt both of my coconut oils together and mix them before adding them to my batter.

  • Use decarboxylated cannabis to get the most out of your infusions.

  • Trim is perfect for cooking with. No need to spend extra money on high quality flower. 


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