Lucky Leaf Co.: Downtown Spokane’s Pet-Friendly Pot Shop



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Lucky Leaf Co. – Spokane, WA

Downtown Spokane’s Lucky Leaf Co. opened with three display cases of cannabis products. Today, it has six, and the owners, husband and wife team David and Shilo Morgan, are on their way to expanding into another storefront next door. The Morgans won the state lottery to open a recreational store in 2012, but their first location in the Tri-Cities area closed in 2015 after three weeks due to a local moratorium on the cannabis market. Temporarily deprived of their income stream, the Morgans moved to reopen within six months at their current location, where they’ve had to build a new home and customer base for their business.

Lucky Leaf Co. - Spokane, WA

The People

When Lucky Leaf Co. first reopened, Shilo took it upon herself to work the front counter and start building relationships one customer at a time. She’s since hired other employees to handle sales, but still makes sure to greet regulars.“Interacting and engaging with customers is a really big thing for me,” she says, “so we have those regulars that come in and ask for their favorite budtenders.” One of the customers’ favorite employees must undoubtedly be Eva, the Morgans’ dog and unofficial shop mascot. Customers are also allowed to bring in their own pets, be they canine, feline or reptile.

Lucky Leaf Co. - Spokane, WA

The Place

Guided by their open pet policy, the Morgans are now looking to make Lucky Leaf Co. the official sponsor for a new dog park in the area, just one facet of their community involvement. They also participate in Spokane’s First Friday art walks, showcasing local artists’ works on seven-foot-tall easels alongside their usual products. They offer a wide variety of edibles and other forms of cannabis from favored partnered growers like 50 Fold, with an increasing emphasis on CBD strains and products. They’re also in the midst of opening Lucky Leaf Co. Pop-Ups next door, so regulars will have more options in the way of merchandise, like monogrammed shirts and high-end glass.

Lucky Leaf Co. - Spokane, WA

Did You Know?

  1. Pets Are Allowed. CBD pet products aren’t on sale just yet, however.
  2. They’re Expanding. Like other urban pot shops, Lucky Leaf will soon open a second location next door specializing in glass and other merchandise.
  3. Their Art Can Get Controversial. For one First Friday in early 2017, Lucky Leaf showcased a piece of Trump-related art that had to be taken down after causing mild uproar.

Lucky Leaf Co. - Spokane, WA

“Interacting and engaging with customers is a really big thing for me, so we have those regulars that come in and ask for their favorite budtenders.” – Shilo Morgan, Lucky Leaf Co. co-owner


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