Majoring in marijuana: Michigan universities expand their degree programs


Marijuana is moving from the dorm room to the classroom at Michigan universities.

Two universities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are the first in the state to add cannabis-focused degree programs to their offerings.

In Marquette, Northern Michigan University — which first launched its Medicinal Plant Chemistry program in 2017 — is expanding its lab space to be able to grow and conduct research on hemp as more students enroll. The program has grown from 0 to 240 students enrolled in two years, with a large incoming class promised for fall 2019.

Across the U.P. in Sault Ste. Marie, Lake Superior State University recently announced it would be launching both a Cannabis Chemistryand Cannabis Business majors in fall 2019. Students can earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the chemistry program, and can earn a bachelor’s degree in the business program.

“Never in someone’s life does a huge market almost overnight become legalized and available,” said Lake Superior State University President Rodney Hanley, in an interview with MLive. “In terms of cannabis, you almost have a market that’s been parachuting into various states and there’s no education in how to work within that marketplace. There’s a tremendous opportunity to focus on the business side of cannabis.” [Read more at Michigan Live]


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