Marijuana Legalization Hits a Wall: First in New Jersey, Then in New York


In March, both states seemed days away from a landmark legalization deal. Now inertia is feeding doubts that it can happen this year.

A push to legalize recreational marijuana in New York and New Jersey this year appears all but dead in both states, a dramatic fall for an effort that just over a month ago seemed inevitable.

For months, the two states were locked in a race to legalize, vying for millions in tax revenue and progressive bragging rights. But at the end of March, the campaign in New Jersey abruptly collapsed, hours before a vote was supposed to take place.

New Jersey’s failure had a coattail effect in New York: It emboldened opponents and eased pressure on some of legalization’s most important allies, including Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who had declared legalization a priority for the first 100 days of the session.

But as that deadline approached, Mr. Cuomo declared that negotiations were too complicated; within days of New Jersey’s failure, the effort in New York, too, was shelved. [Read more at The New York Times]


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