Medical marijuana bill with expanded potency wins Iowa House approval, Senate may soon follow


The potency of some medical marijuana products in Iowa could be increasing soon under a bill picking up steam at the state Capitol this session.

The Iowa House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to pass legislation that, among other things, would change how the state measures use of a key chemical that makes recreational marijuana users high. The measure passed on a 96-3 vote

If enacted, the bill would continue to evolve the state’s medical marijuana law from a cannabidiol program that had no manufacturing system and was limited to epilepsy patients just a few years ago. The scope of medical conditions under the program has since expanded, and a range of products, like oils, tablets and creams are now available under a new manufacturing and dispensing system. The smokeable form of marijuana is still prohibited.

Although lawmakers still have differences on the issue, Rep. Jarad Klein, R-Keota, said, “we came together and found reasonable solutions, reasonable responses, to help sick people in the state of Iowa.”  [Read more at Des Moines Register]


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