MedMen: The Distinguished Side of Cannabis Retail



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  • Address: 4503 Paradise Rd Ste. 210-240 Las Vegas, NV 89169

MedMen – Las Vegas, NV

From its inception as an idea in co-founder and president Andrew Modlin’s West Hollywood apartment to taking flight as a company nearly a decade ago, MedMen has maintained its celebrated name in cannabis by providing a consistent, reputable experience throughout the country, with locations in Arizona, California, Nevada and New York. Their floor representatives (also known as “hospitality associates”) solidify each interaction with an application of extensive knowledge while infusing MedMen’s core philosophy of familiarity, ensuring each guest never feels anything less than informed and welcomed.

MedMen - Las Vegas, NV

The Place

With cornerstone locations in areas such as Hollywood and New York City,MedMen stores evoke an appropriately high-end atmosphere, thick with professionalism and underlined by their insistence on genuine connections with their customers. Come to MedMen to converse with hospitality associates who will suggest a strain or product you’ll never forget in an environment incomparable to any other! While recognizable aesthetics and a commendably friendly team are fundamental to the MedMen brand, what stands out about this cannabis company is their awareness of patient/consumer wants and needs, as well as cognizance of each customer’s individuality. Be on the lookout for MedMen’s imminent Florida-bound expansions.

MedMen - Las Vegas, NV

The Product

Viewed not on a spectrum of recreational to medical products, but rather as a larger picture of overall wellness and consumer experience, MedMen provides a selection that may vary from state to state, depending on regulations, but is always consistent regarding approach to their patients’ wellbeing. Ranging from the limited vapes, tinctures and capsules found on the shelves of their NYC Fifth Avenue location to the dizzying number of strains available at their Venice Beach store, you’ll always exit with the relief of understanding the product as well as the representative who introduced it to you.

MedMen - Las Vegas, NV

Founded in 2010, MedMen’s first retail store opened in late 2015. Today, the company boasts over 1,400 employees.


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