Meet the Silver Surfer Tabletop Vaporizer


What we love about the Silver Surfer by Elev8

When you book a 420-friendly hotel with My 420 Tours, you get to vaporize your cannabis ensuite! This smoke-free experience is possible with a Silver Surfer Vaporizer, which you’ll receive when you check in.

If you’ve never vaporized your weed before, get ready to be blown away. Once you’ve tried it, you may never want to light your greens on fire again. We’ve furnished hundreds of hotel rooms with Silver Surfers for thousands of guests to use, and we’ve also used the Silver Surfer in our own homes and compared it to the Volcano and other tabletop vaporizers. Here’s our feedback, tips, and tricks for our hotel guests or anyone who wants to buy a Silver Surfer for their own living room coffee table.

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After 10 years in business, The Silver Surfer continues to be a top seller in the tabletop vaporizer category. It is known for its simple operation, versatility, and durable design. The Silver Surfer was the first vaporizer to use a ceramic heat element and glass-on-glass airflow to keep favors pure. Is the trendsetter still top dog? We had Peter, our Marketing Assistant, take one home, try it out, and write out some high remarks.

silver surfer looking sharp

The Silver Surfer looks great in any house on any table with its sleek design, 63 different color combinations, and custom hand-blown glass. It looks 100% better sitting on my coffee table than my bong that can’t stay clean for more than a couple of hours.

The sleek design isn’t just for show. The angle is designed to keep your flower away from the ceramic heating element so it will not burn, and to keep the wand in place thanks to the power of gravity.

silver surfer review

In terms of build quality, there is nothing left to be desired. It feels robust enough that if you were to drop it, I would be more worried about the hardwood floor. This thing feels like the Nokia phone of vaporizers.

silver surfer easy and smooth

One of my favorite things about the Silver Surfer is how easy it was to set up. Just plug it into the wall, and you won’t be limited by space since this thing has a generous 10 foot cable. Turn the knob at least 2/3rd of the way to let it heat up, put your ground flower into the wand, insert the wand into the back, finally inhale for your desired size of hit. Enjoy!

The easy-to-use heat control was a dream, and I was able to quickly find a heat that worked for my bud, which was about half way.

It is recommended for the best flavor and consistent heat application to use the included stirring stick after every hit. I did not find this completely necessary, and I was happily getting away with stirring once or twice.

Since The Silver Surfer vaporizes your flower instead of burning it, this means that your lungs will not be irritated by smoke. The effects of cannabis will also kick in more quickly as it is absorbed directing into your bloodstream via your lungs. What does this mean for you? Unlike bongs, pipes, and joints, you get the smoothest hits that don’t make you feel the need to cough. And unlike edibles, you can enjoy your high right away.

silver surfer vaporizer wand

There are only a couple of slight downsides to The Silver Surfer. The first is that angled design can cause the wand to fall out if you are laying down on a couch with not much elevation between you and The Silver Surfer. For the best use I found that if you are about a foot above it, you are golden. Lastly, with the heat control on the front and the wand coming out the back it can be slightly cumbersome to decide what you want facing you.

The Silver Surfer is a premium table top vaporizer that retails for $270 online. You will be hard pressed to find anything else with this level of build quality and ease of use at this price point. If you are looking to invest in a high-minded future, we recommend you take a serious look at this.

Last, but not least, if you think the Silver Surfer sounds awesome but you don’t smoke flower, they sell an Oil Kit to get you set up with your concentrates.

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