Mellow Mint Tea



  • Test Results: 10mg CBD per serving | 0.5mg THC per serving
  • Tested By: Agriscience Labs |
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Mellow Mint Tea by Stillwater Brands

Stillwater Brands became one of my favorite cannabis companies in Colorado thanks to the aesthetic of their packaging and the simplicity of their products. They recently revamped their caffeine-free Mellow Mint Tea — it now contains four times more CBD and 25 percent more tea!

Mellow Mint is grown organically in Egypt and infused with ripple, Stillwater’s water-soluble cannabinoids. Expect a relaxing and consistent experience with every tea stick, and for its effects to begin in as little as 15 minutes! Each jar contains 10 recyclable tea sticks with micro-perforations, which allow water to seamlessly steep the tea inside. Steep and stir in hot water for between five and seven minutes, and voila! Comfort and coziness in a cup.

Mellow Mint Tea by Stillwater Brands

Available At…

  1. The Joint: 4735 W 38th Ave., Denver, CO 80212
  2. Kind Care of Colorado: 6617 S College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80525
  3. All Native Roots Locations


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