Michigan’s medical marijuana market could crash after recreational shops launch


Michigan has the second-largest population of medical marijuana patients in the nation, but that could change significantly after the recreational market launches in the state.

Data from across the country show the number of medical marijuana patients significantly drops in a state once the product is legalized for recreational use, according to figures collected by the Associated Press.

That trend could already be underway in Michigan. In December 2018 there were 297,515 medical marijuana patients, but as of June 1 there are 287,094 patients. Officials say it’s too early to tell what is causing the decline in patient figures.

The medical marijuana market has struggled with supply issues from the beginning, as there hasn’t been enough commercially grown product to meet demand. That market is just beginning to take hold in Michigan — and the state is months away from launching the adult-use industry when it starts accepting business license applications Nov. 1.

Last week Marijuana Regulatory Agency officials released the emergency rules for recreational marijuana businesses. The rules include a way for medical marijuana to be sold to any adult 21 and over — but it takes a special action of the agency in order to make it possible. [Read more at Michigan Live]