Midnite: A Good-Natured Indica Hybrid



  • Test Results: 25.68% THC
  • Tested by: Nordic Analytical Laboratories | nordicanalytic.com
  • Instagram: @kayacannabis
  • Website: kayacannabis.com

Midnite by Kaya Cannabis

Kaya Cannabis is a small business-minded company, boasting beautiful buds and a big heart, a locally owned and operated dispensary that produces small-batch, hand-processed flower. They’re also an integral part of their community, donating a percentage of each purchase to a local nonprofit.

Kaya Cannabis’ Midnite strain is a tranquilizing cross between Chem #4 and Bubba Kush (name a better duo, I’ll wait). The bud structure is reminiscent of its Chem #4 lineage, while its aroma, flavor and effect lean on the Bubba Kush side. A sweet and earthy aroma teases your nose, while a creamy yet citrusy flavor tantalizes your taste buds. Expect a wave of relaxation to hit your body and a sedating yet euphoric sensation for your mind. Midnite is the perfect way to treat yourself and unwind at the end of a long day.

Midnite by Kaya Cannabis

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