Milk ‘N Cookies: The Perfect Giggle-Inducing Nightcap



  • Test Results: 30.71% THC
  • Tested By: Rm3 Labs |
  • Facebook: @LitColorado
  • Instagram: @litmmj
  • Website:

Milk ‘N Cookies by Lit

Milk ‘N Cookies from Lit in Denver is a sublime culmination of flavor and effect. Full-body sedation meets cerebral relaxation with this smooth and creamy indica-leaning hybrid of GSC and Tiger’s Milk, two distinct, sought-after lineages. Expect an initially spicy flavor followed by a sweet, silky aftertaste. Effects include an instant desire to lay down and an undeniable urge to giggle. This strain is a doozy, so save it for the evening hours — pair alongside a sleepover with your best friend or an introspective walk under the stars.

Milk 'N Cookies by Lit

Available At…

  1. Three Rivers Dispensary: 1714 Santa Fe Dr., Pueblo, CO 81006
  2. The Walking Raven: 2001 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
  3. Golden Meds: 970 S Oneida St #17, Denver, CO 80224


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