Missouri officials reject bid to overturn medical marijuana contract


JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri officials have rejected a politically connected company’s challenge of a contract to help run the state’s fledgling medical marijuana program.

In a decision issued Monday, Gov. Mike Parson’s administration said it was denying a protest by BioTrackTHC, which said the state should not have awarded a contract to a competitor in April because it could contain hidden costs.

At issue is a contract to register patients, license facilities and track marijuana from seed to sale.

BioTrackTHC suggested Metrc was able to submit a lower bid to the state because it would charge additional fees to growers and dispensaries.

In rejecting the protest, the state said its contract with Metrc does not allow the company to charge additional fees. The 14-page decision, written by Karen Boeger, director of the state’s purchasing division, said no further action would be taken.

Although it lost its bid to overturn the state’s decision for the estimated $5 million job, BioTrackTHC called the protest a win for the industry because Metrc will not be able to charge additional fees. [Read More @ The St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

“We are pleased that the results of the protest reaffirm that additional variable costs to the licensees or the State will not be allowed,” the company said in a statement Tuesday. [Read More @ The St. Louis Post-Disatch]