Molson Coors Introduces CBD Drinks into US Market


Nutritional supplement-maker Quicksilver Scientific is teaming up with Truss CBD USA—in a joint venture between beer mogul Molson Coors Beverage Company and HEXO Cannabis—to provide  a new line of non-alcoholic hemp-derived CBD beverages.

Veryvell includes three different blends of CBD—loaded with adaptogens that offer different wellness combinations for specific outcomes. Using patent-pending nanoemulsion delivery technology, the developers can ensure better oral bioavailability for CBD, which is oil-soluble in raw form. 

“CBD is not water-soluble, which creates challenges for manufacturers when attempting to mix it into beverages. Our innovative nanoemulsion technology overcomes these challenges by encapsulating nano-sized CBD particles in water-soluble spheres that can be directly added to beverages. The result is a clear, great-tasting product with greater bioavailability, a measure of a compound’s concentration that is absorbed into the body’s bloodstream,” said Dr. Christopher Shade, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific.

Veryvell drinks will initially be available at finer CBD retailers throughout Colorado for its early launch. The three blends include “Focus” which is boosted by grapefruit and tarragon with ginseng and guarana, “Mind & Body” including strawberry and hibiscus with ashwagandha and elderberry, and “Unwind” which includes blueberry and lavender flavors with ashwagandha and L-theanine. 

Regarding CBD products, the delivery method matters, as often the compound is wasted or not absorbed properly. Quicksilver Scientific is known for the development of fast-acting supplements that utilize the best absorption methods. “Quicksilver has proven themselves to be exceptional in terms of quality, efficacy and consistency. As a result, we naturally wanted to extend that partnership to our new U.S. venture, ensuring that these products also provide a best-in-class consumer experience,” said Jane Armstrong Hockman, general manager of Truss CBD USA.

Veryvell developers are very aware of the plethora of existing CBD products already on the market—but they intend on disrupting the current marketplace. 

“The marketplace is saturated with a fairly homogeneous product offering. The Veryvell range, resulting from a highly productive and stimulating collaboration between Quicksilver Scientific and Truss Beverage, is a testament to the real potential for experiential and quality innovation within the non-alcoholic beverage industry,” said Jason Dyer, President, Quicksilver Scientific. “Innovation is what we do at Quicksilver Scientific, and we look forward to expanding our capabilities through future opportunities and challenges with partners like Truss. In doing so, we expect to disrupt and drive the category with products that deliver a more effective, consistent and predictable experience for consumers.”


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