Mountain Girl Gardens: Woman-Owned Garden with Trusted Genetics



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Mountain Girl Gardens – Denver, CO

Grower Erin Slotnick owns Mountain Girl Gardens, a wholesale cannabis cultivation facility located in the heart of Denver, Colorado. Slotnick has always been a plant person; after receiving a degree in horticulture, she soon realized her dream of joining the cannabis industry. With the help of her parents, Slotnick founded Mountain Girl Gardens in 2010 and has been committed to growing small-batch boutique cannabis ever since. In such a strongly male-dominated industry, it’s refreshing to highlight a garden with a woman in charge.

Mountain Girl Gardens - Denver, CO

The Place

Tucked away in an industrial part of town — good luck finding it unless they want you to — the Mountain Girl Gardens’ warehouse includes a 3,000-square-foot facility and grows about 450 plants, while harvesting around 24 plants a week. It’s a humble space with a simple setup and pristine environment. All of their plants from the vegetation to flowering stages are individually inspected every day to ensure the healthiest, most vigorous results. They focus on fine-tuning the growing conditions for each strain, which helps bring out the best qualities in terms of smell and flavor and informs the team how to automate their growing methods better.

Mountain Girl Gardens - Denver, CO

The Product

Mountain Girl Gardens depends on the authenticity of their genetics. In a world where too many strains are labeled as something they aren’t, Slotnick finds peace of mind knowing her seeds come from trusted, long-standing cannabis contacts, and about 50 percent of Mountain Girl Gardens’ production is fresh-frozen for concentrate companies. Their plants’ stalks are long and lean, while the tops explode with gloriously healthy buds. Thanks to how they grow the plants, Mountain Girl Gardens make the most of their modest space; veering away from sweeter strains with fancy names, they choose to focus on classics such as SFV OG, Triangle Kush, Headband and Jack Herer. My finger barely grazed a few of their ladies’ leaves, and I swear it was sticky for days.

Mountain Girl Gardens - Denver, CO“The stalks of their plants are long and lean, while the tops explode with gloriously healthy buds.”


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