My experience of medicating my bipolar disorder with marijuana.


This is going to be a long post…so if you want a TLDR – scroll to the bottom.

I moved to America from Europe in 2008. I was 17 years old and I absolutely loved this country. America was my entire definition of success – I LOVED this country and the place defines everything about success to me, I can get into my political beliefs another day – but no matter what anyone says, I love this country and it stands for freedom, opportunity and loving your neighbor.

I was a promising young athlete and turned Profesional in my sport to little success – ended my fight career at 2-0 and moved on to the business world at 23/24. I was married, had a young stepson who was around 2 and I was supporting them and living a fairly good life, we had an up and down relationship but loved each other and did our best.

That's where like most people with bipolar my mood swings started to get insane around 25 and I started to get a bit…crazy. we ended up getting a divorce and I was single for about 3 months before getting engaged to the "women of my dreams" and so on…anyway long story short 2 divorces before 27, a loss of a small fortune for an immigrant, and I showed up in Miami basically to party and live life.

In Miami in an effort to find me, I fell into a circle that smoked weed – all day, every day (as many fighters do), so in an effort to seem cool, I started smoking – haha. I loved it and got semi-addicted – to a point that was unhealthy and I never got any work done, I was living off a paycheck at a small marketing agency and just smoking weed all the other times.

Then I went through another traumatic manic episode that caused me to again burn relationships and it was related to a low that came about from smoking weed and I all but gave up smoking and started making plans to kill myself.

Then I started reading about the positive effects of weed and learning about micro-dosing.

….so me not having not much other option, I tried it.

I took 5mg when I woke up, and I took 5mg around 1/2 when it started to wear off and then another 5mg late at night. I was able to start seeing the world in a much better way, I had all the positives of marijuana but none of the downsides. Life was so much better, happier and I could FINALLY. deal with the bipolar that had plagued my life for 5 years.

and to me, most importantly I no longer wanted to die. I wanted to live and grow.

I was able to build a profitable business that pays me well north of 80k. I bought a condo, I have a girlfriend, iv made amends and said sorry to everyone I could from the past and had many difficult conversations.

I don't think I could have done this nor had the life I had if it was not for the magic of marijuana and life is so much better, not having to deal with the ups and downs of bipolar, so if you are struggling now. I may recommend you try it out, test it out – test your dosage – I made some mistakes and got too high and was useless but after a few weeks and figuring out a dose of 5mg 3x a day spaced out around 6-8 hours is perfect and my schedule for the last 17 months to which has changed my life. I hope this post helps someone struggling with mental health and gives you hope.

NOT a doctor or anything, just a guy who uses weed to make life better. But I believe that weed should be incorporated into a mental health system under a trained pro. But – what do I know? Mauro Ranallo – says something similar and has a similar schedule to me. anyway, legalize weed everywhere cause if I didn't have legal weed here in California where I live now – id be dead.

TLDR: I struggled with some stuff, smoked weed, didn't help, educated myself, and tried out different things and now life is way better with weed as a medicine.

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