Need to Sober Up Fast? Eat Spicy Food, according to Rapper Schoolboy Q


If you ever get too high, or an emergency arises and you need to sober up in a hurry, try eating spicy food. That approach worked for rapper Schoolboy Q, who became unexpectedly sober after eating his way through the gauntlet of hot sauce on a recent episode of ‘Hot Ones.’ The five-time Grammy nominee showed up to the shoot with a decent buzz, but he left feeling stone sober (and a bit worse for wear) after completing the show’s infamous wing challenge. 

“Y’all fucked up my high and everything,’ Schoolboy Q told host Sean Evans shortly after finishing the last wing. “Bro, I was on edibles and shit, and I don’t even know if I’m high anymore. I don’t even feel that shit anymore.”

Check out the full interview in the clip below. And for more ways to sober up in a hurry, click here.


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