OHIO ! Find your state Rep


OHIO ! Find your state Rep


Tell them we want Legalized recreational Cannabis. Let’s get it legalized first then we can go from there and work out the details !

Here is a sample email:

“Dear (Senator/Governor/Representative),

We are writing on behalf of legalizing marijuana. Marijuana is as much a recreational drug as alcohol, tobacco, and even coffee. Marijuana has never had a report of fatal use and the common use for medical purposes has been proved and even infused into society today. Sixteen states today have legalized its medical purposes because it has proven to help certain illnesses including glaucoma, sclerosis, and cancers such as breast and brain cancer. Since proposition nineteen has been advocated in California, Florida should take lead and soon legalize marijuana as well. Prohibition has only cost billions of dollars and studies prove that it has not affected the use of marijuana, in fact it has made it cheaper and more accessible. All the money used for prosecution to small offenders can be used for tax revenues and ultimately save billions. With your help general change could be possible. We recommend commercial production be limited to licensed producers although non retail and home production is allowed. Quality control and retail will also be limited by the state and state licensed distributors. The state will make up all laws that go towards this new legalization but mainly the important thing is that it is legal. Marijuana is a herbal and proven remedy that with its ban is causing more problems than its fixing. Thank You For Your Time and Support,

____________ “

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