Ohio Governor Opposes Recreational Marijuana


Governor Mike DeWine recently revealed he is opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana in Ohio. DeWine’s opposition comes despite a growing national trend toward legalization, including in neighboring states like Illinois and Michigan.

In an interview with the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau, DeWine said marijuana is more potent now than it has ever been and could pose a health risk to Ohio’s youth. He said legalizing the drug would be a “mistake.”

The now-governor said he opposed an amendment in 2015 to legalize recreational marijuana and, as Ohio’s attorney general, DeWine also had a hand in rejecting petitions to place similar amendments on voters’ ballots.

The move to legalize recreational marijuana garnered hefty publicity in 2012, when Colorado and Washington became the first states to make the drug legally available to adults. However, the push for legalization has not been unique to the Western United States. Rust Belt states like Michigan and Illinois have also recently legalized recreational marijuana. [Read more at Patch]